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Oriental Medicine's 6 Branches

Tea Time

Wellness Coaching

This technique focuses on making positive changes to your present and future (instead of rehashing the past, or the choices and behaviors of others).  Useful for individuals, couples, families, and business professionals, Wellness Coaching helps you close the gap between where you ARE and where you WANT TO BE.

Remote Treatment Sessions

Dr. Cornish treats patients remotely, worldwide, via Telemedicine, as well as with her Indigo Biomedical Device.  The Indigo scans your body with 11,000 magnetic signatures, indicates what’s out of balance and how to resolve it, and introduces harmonic frequencies, so your body can heal itself.

Video Call with Sign Language

Corporate Discounted Wellness Packages

Purchase monthly discounted treatments for your employees, so they can practice “Health Care, not just Sick Care.”  This will uplift morale, enhance productivity, reduce sick days and absenteeism, and increase your bottom line.

Toxin-Free Living

Learn to rid your body and home of hidden toxins and harsh chemicals, which aggravate your health issues.  Young Living essential oils offer toxin-free options, including supplements, first aid remedies, dietary support, sports performance products, personal care tools, and household cleaning items---as well as useful offerings for babies, older children and pets.

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Natural Therapies
Pamela Cornish, DOM, NP

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