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Dr Pamela Cornish - an Albuquerque Acupunturist

Wellness Savvy Classes

"Practice Health Care, Not Just Sick Care!"

These classes are Dr. Cornish’s "love letter" to Albuquerque, expressing gratitude for supporting her Natural Therapies Clinic since 1987.  These non-profit classes teach how to use natural remedies and protocols to get well and stay well, without resorting to drugs and surgery as the first choices. Individuals, families, and businesses thrive tremendously by incorporating these concepts in their daily regimens. 

natural therapies - Albuquerque acupuncturist

 Virtual Bibliotherapy 

Reading of Dr. Selzer's First Meeting with Dr. Yeshi Dhonden

Reading of "I was in Love with a Tree that Swallowed the Sky,” by Laura Hillenbrand

Morning Relaxation Technique

Other Opportunities

Seminars for Business, Groups and Organizations
Public Speaking
Bibliotherapy — Yes, I read to my patients and clients!
Stories, Quotes and Poetry

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Natural Therapies
Pamela Cornish, DOM, NP

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