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Essential Oils


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Learn which oils are best for you

Applying Essential Oil Albuquerque
"Oils have completely changed my life & I will never look back!  I continue my wellness journey, growing my oil collection and gaining new knowledge every day."


Lavender Fields, from which essential oils can be made

Experience the benefits of essential oils

Essential oils are the lifeblood of many households, providing benefits and unlocking health potentials when using them in aromatherapy, cooking, first aid, pet care, sports performance, personal care, home cleaning and more. Young Living essential oils are safe, and can be used internally or externally for healing purposes—just one drop could make a world of difference!

A few drops of oils go a long way when you need an extra boost: whether they are needed during your morning commute, for mental clarity at work, for emotional support, or for combating insomnia by diffusing lavender essential oil in the bedroom before sleeping.

How to use Essential Oils

applying essential oils topically


Soak them in.


Breathe them in.

injesting pharmaceutical grade essential oils


Take them in.

Young Living's mission is to harness Nature's living energy through essential oils, to create a life of Wellness, Purpose, and Abundance.

Young Living's Seed-to-Seal Guarantee

Unlike most essential oil companies, who subcontract much of their plant material to nurseries, whose practices may cut corners, Young Living has 15 of its own farms worldwide. 

The company pays workers 5 times the rate for mechanical weeding, to ensure that its plants are weeded by hand!  Young Living uses no harmful pesticides, chemicals, nor fertilizers. Using exacting, high-quality standards, Young Living controls Seed planting, Cultivating and harvesting, Distillation, rigorous Testing by 3 independent labs, and its pristine Seal process. 

Enhance your physical wellness with Essential Oils

We all know the feeling of being physically and mentally exhausted, even after a full night’s sleep. Our modern lifestyles don't always create optimal conditions for physical wellness, which can lead to an unbalanced body with low energy levels.  This impacts many vitality issues, including weight management, inflammation, brain fog, pain, sleep, mood and digestion. Supplements comprised of Young Living essential oils also offer targeted support for these situations.

Pharmaceutical Grade Essential Oils



All essential oils are not the same. Essential oils found in the health food store, or online, often come on bottles with labels that say, "Do not ingest."  They are full of synthetics and fillers---and have no therapeutic value. Plus, they go rancid quickly.  Many patients choose to use essential oils primarily, or to combine them with Chinese herbs.

Essential Oils applied to the skin
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Natural Therapies
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