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functional medicine albuquerque

Ancient Medicine
for the 21st Century

Practicing Oriental Medicine
and Natural Therapies since 1987

Pamela Cornish - acupunturist in albuquerque

Pamela Cornish

Besides keeping you balanced,
sharing tools you can use to practice
"Health Care," not just  "Sick Care."

East Meets West

Acupuncture is compatible with other systems of healthcare and Dr. Cornish often treats patients collaboratively with nutritionists, chiropractors, and MDs, including allergists, oncologists, internists, general practitioners, gynecologists, neurologists, and rheumatologists.

Western and Oriental medicine can be combined easily, especially since neither system is complete. Western medicine offers excellent emergency protocols, diagnostic techniques, drug therapies, and surgical interventions, often focusing on treating or suppressing symptoms. However, Oriental medicine targets the underlying causes of disease, in order to prevent the manifestation of symptoms. When practitioners from both systems collaborate, the patient receives the best of both worlds: symptom relief, as well as treatment of the root cause. Furthermore, Oriental medicine emphasizes preventive maintenance. Once a patient’s initial acute complaint is resolved, he may choose to visit the clinic monthly for preventive healthcare maintenance, in order to balance his health, promote wellness, and prevent the future manifestation of disease symptoms.

Natural Herbs and Remedies Albuquerque

Working with
Natural Therapies



Reduce or remove the cause of the disease


Treat the organs affected or diseased


Unblock the blockages to the flow of life


Reduce the symptoms and suffering naturally


Treat constitutional and metabolic tendencies to diseased patterns or habits
Buddha Close Up

Six Branches of Oriental Medicine


Albuquerque Accupunture

Balancing the body's qi with needles

as thin as hair

Body Work

albuquerque massage

Chinese Tui Na and manual therapy


oriental medicine and essential oils albuquerque

Pills, tinctures, and loose herbs,

with no side effects


food and diet coach albuquerque

Using the five flavors to tonify organs and promote healthy function for the

body's systems


exercise is an essential comonent of chinease medicine.

Qi Gong complements aerobics by

providing deep, internal energy exercise

Medical Feng Shui

Interior Design & Medical Feng Shui

The art of placement balances the energy flow

in your environment, just like an

acupuncture treatment balances

the energy flow in your body

What Patients Say

Traditional Chinese Medicine albuquerque

Can Acupuncture Help Me?

Health, Wellness, and Vitality Assessment

Are you challenged by the following?

Poor quality sleep, or chronic insomnia

Negative effects of excess professional, social, or emotional stress

Gas, bloating, heartburn, urinary/bowel dysfunction,

or high cholesterol

Muscle tension in your back, shoulders, or neck

Unhealthy habits/addictions

(i.e. abusing alcohol, food, drugs, cigarettes, caffeine)

PMS, gynecological/menopausal/sexual disorders, infertility or prostate problems


Poor circulation

Depression, anxiety, worry or nervous exhaustion

Arthritis, Chronic joint pain/dysfunction or sports injuries

Allergies, sinus or respiratory problems

Skin issues

Fatigue or low energy

If so, then acupuncture can help!
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The purest distillation of nature, essential oils have enhanced lives for thousands of years, and new uses and benefits are still being discovered.

I combine western herbs and oils with Chinese remedies.  YL oils and supplements are pharmaceutical grade, unlike other oils on the market, full of synthetics and fillers, which say

"Do not ingest" on their labels. 


These are tools that empower clients to practice "Health Care, not just Sick Care."

essential oils are made from lavendar feilds just like this
Screen Shot 2022-07-08 at 12.26_edited.png
nature is the best integrative medicine

"Those who enter my gate should know that the suffering of others is also mine"

Zhong Shan


Pamela on the
Practical Alignment Podcast

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Natural Therapies
Pamela Cornish, DOM, NP

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