Dr. Cornish delights in being a cheerleader for my healing journey. She treats me not as a “patient,” but as a human being with a health challenge I enjoy my visits with Dr. Cornish, because I can expect much more than acupuncture needles. She heals my body, mind and spirit with Eastern and Western healing modalities, running a kind of one-stop clinic, where she offers acupuncture, herbs, massage, colonics, feng shui, as well as discussions of art, literature, music, perhaps a poem that applies to my life situation, a referral to other healthcare professionals – and, high on my list – a sense of humor.
~ L.H., MA, LMT, CKP

As an office administrator, I do a great deal of sitting, and as a result, my neck and lower back tend to get very stiff. Dr. Cornish’s treatment, using  both acupuncture and massage, relieves the stiffness and allows me to go about my daily activities  in a relaxed and comfortable manner. It is the most refreshing and important thing I do for my general health and well-being each month. I recommend her, both professionally and personally, without reservation. She is a highly qualified, experienced practitioner of Oriental medicine, and a lovely, caring individual in my view – an unbeatable combination.
~ TQ, Office Administrator

Cars need frequent tune-ups, why not our bodies?  I am a believer in regular visits to Dr. Cornish for my “tune-ups.”  I have been Pamela’s client for almost twenty years. I regard a massage every three to four weeks as essential to my well being. Sometimes I have deep massage, sometimes acupuncture to address a particular problem, sometimes a combination of both. Pamela’s skilled hands can work out the kinks, relax muscles, and ease tension. I am in my 60’s now, and sailed through an unmedicated menopause, because I had regular visits with Pamela. She nurtured me after I had my thyroid removed. It just makes sense to take care of your body.
~ MR, Retired UNM Administrator

For most of my life, I wrestled chronic sinus and lung infections. The many medicinal treatments over much of my life had left me allergic to virtually every antibiotic and feeling a sense of hopelessness about whether or not anything could be done to manage my health, much less to improve the quality of my health. After many years of regular, maintenance level acupuncture treatments, couples with more frequent treatments in time of acute health issues, I am living my life fully, free of symptoms and repeated illnesses.
~ EB, Consultant and Trainer

Recently, I pulled my back out while working in my yard. My M.D. told me to take a pill for pain. I declined and visited Dr. Pamela Cornish. She examined my back, used acupuncture and a moist hot pack to treat me, and sent me immediately to her chiropractor. Her work prepared my body to receive the chiropractor’s adjustment, and within 10 minutes, I was out of acute pain!
~ LP, Publication Marketing

I had suffered from chronic lower back problems for 8 years until I was recommended by a family member to Dr. Cornish. The acupuncture and other Oriental Medicine practices she has treated me with have changed not only the health and well-being of my body, but also of my mind and spirit. Her fusion of Oriental and Western Medicine has given me a second chance at a healthy, pain free, life.
~ JR, Humate Specialist; Environmental Educator

Things are progressing. I have been doing some colonics and it’s going well. I did finally have my dental work completed 10 days ago. I had 3 fillings removed and replaced, plus 2 teeth pulled. My teeth are mercury free! I found a holistic dentist in Austin and had it done there. My dad lives there so it worked out great because I was able to stay with him for the work and recovery. Plus the dentist is on my dental plan which helps a great deal. The dentist put me on a heavy metal detox too. I never started the synthroid and am doing good. I had all my lab work redone in Austin and my TSH, T3 and T4 were normal and my antibodies came down by half. I had a biopsy on the large nodule; it came back negative for cancer. They ran more comprehensive tests too. I have been faithful to a clean healthy diet…gluten, sugar, dairy, soy free. No processed foods. I am exercising and praying daily too.
~ SL

I slept!  Just as you said I would. Of course, I followed your advice:  Went for an evening walk; took one of those pills; did not sit up in bed reading. Tonight, I may even stand under a hot shower.
You came into my life suddenly, and most unconventionally. Now, you are showing me new conventions, and treating me with an unprecedented medical kindness. It is YOU, and not so much the “stuff.”  But, I’ll take the stuff, and try to stick to the diet. Oh, all the gods:  I’ll devote my cuisine to brown rice, beans, avocados, and spinach!  (Well-sort of.)  I must have fish. Yes, I’ll limit myself to white fish. The “Hah!” aspect is that I dote on sushi, so my indulgences at restaurants can be limited gladly to sushi bars:  I order a cucumber salad, brown rice, and white fish sashimi. It may kill me, but it’s so lovely. Yes, dear Dr., at home, it’s the “Diet.”  Mostly, yes. I do not eat red meat; I’ve given up fowl; no breads…. But, as I told you, I must have, at least, fish. (No salmon, alas). A question: Octopus, squid, eel, even sea urchin?  The latter is one of the finest experiences I’ve ever enjoyed. Keep guiding me. I am a wayward being, pessimistic, but willing. (Indeed, my requested memorial would read: He was pessimistic but willing.) As you have realized, you practice upon the WHOLE patient, and so you give psychiatric treatment, in a nursing way, rather than disinterestedly. I like you!
~ SA, Insurance Agent

I miss you and think of you often. I remember how you diagnosed my problems when you touched my belly. You are a blessed person Pamellina. God Bless You.
~ M. Govt. Interpreter in Turkey